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University of Nordland (UiN

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University of Nordland (UiN

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University of Nordland (UiN)

UIN is home to some 5,500 undergraduate and graduate students. Our beautiful main campus is located just outside Bodø city centre in the suburb of Mørkved, providing an ideal place to study, learn, make new friends, and experience Norwegian culture. The city of Bodø is relatively small with about 47,000 inhabitants, but it is the regional and cultural centre of Nordland County, and possesses all the modern facilities and services expected of a modern college town.
First class facilities and study programmes

UiN offers an attractive study setting with state-of-the-art classrooms, study areas, laboratories, a new library, and several computer labs with 24-hour access. We also have great research facilities, including the Mørkved Bay aquaculture research centre. UiN offers high quality, internationally recognised bachelor, master and PhD programmes, both in English and Norwegian, attracting students from every corner of the world.
Aside from the great study programmes, one of the biggest draws to Bodø is the amazingly beautiful natural surroundings to the city. In summer, the city experiences the midnight sun, a period from approximately June 4 to July 8, during which the sun does not set below the horizon. In winter, the breathtaking Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, can be seen in various shapes and colours fascinating all viewers. Both can be awe-inspiring experiences for students from other latitudes.
Stunning nature
Students in Bodø have unparalleled access to wilderness experience such as hiking, skiing, biking, and climbing. Bodø is also perfect for those who like fishing, water and air sports. With the world's strongest maelstrom, Saltstraumen, the Lofoten islands and the glacier Svartisen located close by, the Bodø area truly offers some of the most stunning Norwegian nature. If you like the outdoors, Bodø is for you!
For the night owls, at the weekends the city centre buzzes with nightlife. There are a variety of nightclubs, pubs, cafes and restaurants usually packed with students. There are a few pubs, cafes and restaurants within just a two minute walk from campus as well. During the week, many students like to go to Samfunnet, the student pub. This all-purpose building is the students’ own, and serves coffee and refreshments during the day and is the general student hangout on campus. At night it turns into a pub and serves the cheapest beer in town! There is also a large concert venue, where famous (and not-so-famous) bands play live music regularly. Students also use it to relax and read the newspaper between classes, play cards or board games, watch football matches, take part in quizes and have club meetings.
Good student environment

UiN is nationally recognised for having happy students. In fact, Norwegian students have voted UiN as having the "best student environment" for six years running. One of the reasons students enjoy themselves so much here is the fact that they are so well-represented within the institution. There is a strong tradition of student government, and students are involved in all levels of decision- making within the university. These groups as well as other interest-oriented student groups on campus would love to have you join:

•Ventus – the university newspaper

•Studentradioen – the university radio station

•BOSI– sports organization, offers basketball, football, karate, etc.

•Bodø International - the club for international students from around the world

•BOKS – Christian group
•Musinoksåkalsk – student orchestra

•Fotoklubben – photography club
•Samfunnet – a volunteer student society that includes a student pub, concert venue, event planning committee, security, etc.
Each academic department also has at least one student union, of which there are nine in total. These groups arrange several get-togethers and fun outings each semester.
Whatever your interest, at UiN you will find exciting academic and social opportunities around every corner.
Orientation Period

Each fall when the new school year begins, University of Nordland provides a welcoming program helping new students to get to know the city and the school. "Fadderordningen"/the buddy programme lasts for two or three weeks and during this time you will get to know a lot of new people, both new students like you, and older ones. Older students work as a “fadder”/buddy. Your "fadder" is your personal guide who helps you get to know the school, the staff and the routines at University of Nordland. "Fadders" also arrange different kinds of activities for their group like parties, sightseeing, and getting to know other students and the city. There are several large get-togethers for the entire student body, and smaller ones just for the students in your department.
The International Office gives an orientation class in which there are several guest speakers from organizations on campus, and practical information about adjusting to Norway and everyday life at University of Nordland is given. When students are ready to return home, a pre-departure seminar is given as well to help facilitate the readjustment process. 


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